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For all relevant policies regarding admissions please visit the Derbyshire County Council Primary, Infant and Junior School's Admissions page. On this page you will find parent's guides to applications, information on offers and appeals and contact details. 

Admissions Contact Number: 01629 537478

If you require any further information, or you would like to visit Leys Junior School and have a look around, please contact us.

Admissions Policy

The Local Authority is required to co-ordinate admissions to all Derbyshire Primary, Infant and Junior Schools. Essentially the Authority acts as a 'clearing house' for all admissions and enables parents to express a preference for one, two or three schools and to place those preferences in rank order.  Parents must make their application on a common form, to be returned direct to the LA, and give reasons for their preferred schools.

Please ensure that you apply by the closing date in January as places may not be available after this date.

Mid Term Admissions Policy

Children may join the school in the usual way in the school year which they are 8 years old if there are places available.  Parents may approach the school in the first instance to request a place.  If the school has not reached its planned admission number for that year group, the child may be offered a place directly by the school.  In the case of a class being at capacity level parents will be referred to the LA to go through the appeal process.

Transferring from Primary to Secondary Education

Children at Leys Junior transfer to a range of different secondary schools.  The LA organises all applications for children to join Secondary Schools. Visit the Derbyshire County Council Secondary School Admissions page for more information.

Appealing an admissions decision

If your child isn’t given a place at our school, you have the legal right to an independent appeal panel in line with the Department for Education’s School Admissions Appeal Code.

We understand how important decisions about your child’s education and schooling are to you, and we appreciate that making an appeal can be a worrying time for any parent.

Whilst you have a right to appeal against admission decisions, we should make it clear that engaging in this process does not automatically give your child the right to a place at Leys Junior School and unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful. That’s why you should also secure a place at an alternative school in case your appeal is unsuccessful. Accepting a place at another school does not affect your right to pursue your appeal concerning Leys.

If you would like to lodge an appeal, you can do so through Derbyshire County Council’s appeals website.