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Sports Competition News '17-'18

Leys Junior Sports Competition News - '17-'18


Autumn Term


Y5/6 Girls football

Team: 7 girls

The girls started off the competition season fantastically. They all represented the school really well and worked brilliantly as a team. They were motivated, determined and optimistic throughout all of their games and managed to get 4th place in the competition. One of the girls was talent scouted and offered a chance to try out for a local club- she went to the try out and got a place on their team!






Y5/6 Boys football

Team: 7 boys

The boys chosen for this competition are all very passionate about football and this showed itself in the work and effort they put into all of their matches. They faced some very tough competition, but they never stopped trying to win a match. Brilliant effort boys.






Y5/6 Sports hall athletics

Team: 6 girls and 6 boys

This team were amazing from the get go. They had trained hard for this competition and it really showed in their skill and stamina! They represented the school fantastically by cheering one and other on and congratulating other teams on their successes. They achieved 7th place overall out of fourteen schools and the boys managed to secure 1st place in hurdles and 1st place in speed bounce. An excellent competition!






Y3/4 Sports hall athletics

Team: 6 girls and 6 boys

This team were so motivated and determined that I knew they were going to be brilliant before the competition even started. They pushed themselves throughout, cheered one and other on and even helped each other up when they fell down! They worked incredibly hard and their efforts were rewarded with a fantastic placement- 5th out of fourteen schools. The boys won 1st place for the speed bounce and 1st place in the chest push and the girls won first place in the obstacle race. A very successful afternoon!





Y5/6 Elite Rugby

Team: 12 boys and girls

This was a tough competition for the children as it was their first time competing in the Elite Division. Although they had limited time together as a team, they faced some tough competition and held their own. They came 5th out of the 8th schools and showed great teamwork throughout.






Y3/4 Dodgeball competition

Team: 24 boys and girls


This was an excellent afternoon hosted at our very own school. The children were so motivated throughout the tournament and had lots of fun competing in front of a big audience. We had three teams competing and they placed 1st, 2nd and 4th. Very well done! 





Y3/4/5/6 Dance Showcase 

Team: 20 boys and girls


Several children from our school went to David Nieper Academy to perform at a dance showcase at the end of Autumn Term. The children worked really hard to learn and practise their routines and had a fantastic time performing as a group. Well done to all who participated.







Spring Term 


Y5/6 Boys Futsal

Team: 5 boys

The five boys that made up this team had to work incredibly hard as there were no substitutes. They kept up their stamina and motivation throughout the event and improved massively during each match. Although they didn't manage to place on this occasion, they did a fantastic job at representing the school and showed excellent sportsmanship. Well done boys.



Y3-6 mixed futsal

Team: 4 girls and 3 boys

A lovely afternoon was spent at Alfreton Lesiure Centre with the mixed futsal team. They took part in some training and warm up drills and played brilliantly in all of their matches. They managed to achieve a fantastic 2nd place overall. Very well done team.


Y5/6 girls futsal

Team: 7 girls

This team were fantastic at the recent year 5/6 girls futsal competition. They represented the school brilliantly and were an absolute pleasure to take to a competition. Unfortunately the games did not all go their way, but they did not give up and remained focused and positive throughout. Excellent job girls.




Y4-6 Boccia

Team: 9 boys and girls

This team had a fantastic afternoon at the recent Boccia competition. For many of the children who attended this was the first out of school competition and they thoroughly enjoyed having their chance to represent the school. There were a total of 14 teams competing and Leys B team managed to secure 6th place and Leys A team managed to secure 9th. Well done to both teams.





Y3/4 Dodgeball

Team: 16 boys and girls

Having previously held a dodgeball competition at Leys Junior School, we felt fairly confident going into this competition. Both the A and B team played with determination, focus and fantastic sportsmanship throughout. These teams represented the school beautifully and had a brilliant afternoon. The B team managed to secure a fantastic 4th place out of the 16 teams competing and the A team were put through to the final! Unfortunately, it wasn't a first place win this time, but a fantastic 2nd place was achieved. Very well done to all who attended and made our school proud!






Y4/5/6 Table tennis

Team: 4 boys and 4 girls

The table tennis team had a great afternoon at this competition. There were some excellent players from all of the schools who entered and the team were up against some tough competition. Both the A and the B team played fantastically well, shaking hands and congratulating other players at the end of each game. The A team came fifth this time and the B team achieved an amazing 2nd place. Brilliant work all!






Y3/4 Mini tennis

Team: 4 boys and 4 girls

The mini tennis team had a fun afternoon at this competition. Although many of our children were fairly new to this sport, they managed to hold their own against the other competing schools. Both the A and the B team played brilliantly in their individual games, showing fantastic sportsmanship, fair play and lovely manners. When the results were announced we were very pleased to learn that our A team managed to win 3rd place, which was a wonderful way to end the afternoon.




Year 3/4 and year 5/6 Gymnastics
Team: 16 boys and girls

Both gymnastics teams trained really hard in preparation for their competitions, having extra training sessions with coaches coming into school. Although they performed beautifully and showed great flexibility and strength in their routines, sadly it wasn't a win this time. Better luck next time teams!

Year 5/6 Endball
Team: 12 boys and girls

Both of the endball teams played brilliantly at the endball competition held at our school. They represented themselves and the school well and were able to put into practise everything they had learned in our inter-school competition. Our A team managed to achieve a fantastic 3rd place overall and our B team were highly praised by staff from other schools for their determination and growing confidence as the games went on. Very well done to both teams.  


Summer Term



Year 5/6 High 5 Netball

Team: 2 boys and 4 girls


The high 5 netball team trained hard for this event. Many of our players had attended competitions in the previous academic year and were looking forward to this competition. They managed to achieve a fantastic third place overall and secured themselves a spot in the upcoming High 5 finals.





Year 3-6 Cross country

Team: 27 boys and girls


We took the opportunity to take as many children as possible to this event. Twenty-seven children from all year groups attended this difficult event and gave it their all. The children managed to secure some fantastic positions in their races with one of our year 5/6 girls coming 7th and one of our year 5/6 boys coming 3rd. A brilliant result!




Year 5/6 Netball finals

Team: 5 girls and 3 boys


The children were lucky enough to qualify for a place in the y5/6 netball finals after their success at a previous competition. The standard of netball was very high at this competition, with all teams attending really playing to win. Unfortunately for our team it was just not their day. Despite their best efforts and determination they were not able to secure a victory this time.






Year 3-6 Sports Festival

Team: 6 boys and 2 girls


The children who attended this event had a wonderful afternoon. They had the opportunity to try out a range of new sports, including new age curling, and all gained a lot from the experience of attending a sporting event.




Year 5/6 Quad Kids

Team: 4 boys and 4 girls


The team who attended this event were motivated throughout. The events proved challenging, but the children from Leys managed to secure some fantastic scores and times when competing in the individual events. Very well done team!




Year 5/6 Boys Kwik Cricket

Team: 8 boys 


The team who attended this competition had a brilliant afternoon. There were some very skilled players from all of the schools who entered and the team faced some tough competition. The boys showed motivation and determination throughout their games and played very well. Excellent work boys!




Year 5/6 Girls Kwik Cricket

Team: 8 girls 

The eight girls who made up the team showed the most fantastic sportsmanship throughout the entire competition. They worked incredibly hard and had an absolutely fantastic evening. They played brilliantly as a team, cheering each other on and encouraging each other during all of their games. They girls secured an amazing 2nd place at this competition, missing out on 1st by a handful of runs. Very well done girls. 




Year 4-6 Individual Go Ride

Team: 10 children 

The children who attended this competition said they had a brilliant evening and enjoyed having the opportunity to race against their friends. Well done to all the children who represented the school so well at this event.




Year 4-6 Tough Runner

Team: 8 children

The two teams of children that attended this competition said that it was their favourite competition of the year. The fantastic range of obstacles on the course, including the giant waterslide, made this an evening to remember! All of the children gave it their all and represented the school fantastically by cheering encouragement from the sidelines. Very well done to everyone.




Year 3-6 Orienteering

Team: 9 children

The children who attended this competition worked hard to read their maps and race around the field to get their cards stamped. They all had to show excellent teamwork and communication skills as well as some serious stamina! One of our teams managed to secure a brilliant 3rd place. Great work!