School Trip to Bosworth Fields

The children have been learning all about 'The Tudors' in this term's topic. They have already found out all about 'The War of The Roses', 'Henry VIII and his 6 wives', and they have even had chance to learn about the 'English Reformation'. It hasn't stopped there though, the past two Thursdays have been all about our first school trip!

The children and their teachers, along with some helpful parents, enjoyed a day trip out to Bosworth. They were given the chance to look at some historical artefacts from the days before and during the Tudor reign. They got chance to look in the exhibition - which gave children an opportunity to try on some of the armour the knights used to wear. Finally they went on a guided walk around the fields close by where the actual war took place. 

Please enjoy looking at some of the photos below from the trip.