At Leys Junior School, we recognise the importance to take pride in our work, so we have adopted a new cursive handwriting scheme. The cursive style will support our pupils in learning spellings and in developing a neat and legible handwriting style.

When the children join us, the children are assessed by their class teacher to decide which stage of handwriting your child should practise at. This could be simply practising developing their basic letter shapes and movements, or practising two letter joins. This progresses on to full words and writing sentences using the same cursive script handwriting (shown below).

Letters are grouped together and taught in letter families. At the beginning of year three, children are introduced to cursive writing. Each letter has a ‘leading flick’ which leads into the next letter. This helps children to prepare for joined up handwriting later on in the year.

The links below are to worksheets and information that you can print off at home:

A-Z Cursive

Cursive Handwriting Families

Practise Cursive Handwriting Sentences

Practise Number Formation