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Year 5 Useful, Fun & Exciting Links for Children

This term we are learning all about The Anglo Saxons. We will first learn about where The Saxons, Jutes and Angles came from before learning about the following:

1. Village life and jobs

2. Weaponry & Armour

3. Anglo Saxon games

4. The secrets of Sutton Hoo

5. Viking Longships & What they were used for

6. Alfred The Great (Why was he so great? Was he really great?)

7. Finally, origins and their place names


Click here to see our topic leaflet!

Anglo Saxons

Craft Activities

The word 'Viking' means 'a pirate raid' in the Norse language. As a group of self-named pirates going on raids, they needed good boats to travel in and strong weapons and armour to attack with.

Learn about the Viking voyages and battles by creating your own Viking equipment and vessels with these craft activities:

Click here for craft activity suggestions to do at home

Anglo Saxon Armour

Watch the following video to find out all about the Saxon armour and weapons. Bring the information to your class for a head start!

Click here to watch the video

BBC Bitesize Links

Follow the link below to find to BBC Bitesize to find out as much information as you can about the Anglo Saxons. 

Who were they?

Why did they come to Britain?

How was Anglo Saxon Britain ruled?

Who was Alfred The Great?

Anglo Saxon Quiz

Once you have researched The Anglo Saxons a little more, why not test your knowledge with The Ultimate Anglo Saxon Quiz

Click on the link below:
Click here

Viking Longship Game

Do you have what it takes to lead the Vikings into battle?

As your journey begins, you must take charge of settlements in order to protect and guide your Viking villagers to victory. Only you can help them expand across the world in their Viking longships.

Click here for access to the game


Year 5 Topic Leaflet - Click here to download

EdshedPractise your spellings, times tables and maths by completing your homework here

BBC Bitesize - Literacy, numeracy and science activities.

Woodlands - Links to interactive subject resources including literacy and numeracy.

Purple Mash - Links to the Purple Mash website so you can practice your computing skills.

Maths Multiplication Check - Practise for your year 4 SATS times table test with a very similar test here

Spelling Game - Dance Mat Typing