Sports Day Round Up

After a wet and wonderful start to our annual sports day, we have managed to finally finish it off in style with our sprint races.

It all began just the way it has done for the past three years now, with our incredibly creative opening ceremony. Each country (that the children have been learning about over the past 3 weeks) presented to the wonderful audience of parents and relatives with a dance to a chosen song, before the after school dance club took over and delivered, yet again, another amazing 2 dances. The ceremony was finished off with a flash-mob that saw every pupil that attended school take part in a final group dance.

The afternoon started off brightly, with some excellent team work with the different sporting challenges. Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions this was brought to a halt. However, the scores were still added up and the results were as follows:

1st - Portugal
2nd - Greece
3rd - Argentina

The annual finals of the sprint races were postponed to the following Tuesday afternoon, and they were a thriller to say the least!

This saw the fastest 8 boys and girls from each year group take part in a 40 metre sprint race. The top 2 from each year group then raced again to find the fastest male and fastest female in the school

This year, I am proud to announce that the fastest girl was April Gaskin in Year 6. She showed great speed and determination to see off all the other girls she competed against. What a great way to complete her time at Leys.

This year's fastest boy was Euan Brailsford in Year 4. He did not only manage to beat all the other boys of his year group, but all the boys in the two years above him as well. I have a feeling that we may have a little sprint star in the making here. What exciting prospects we have for the following two years. Usain Bolt, you better watch your back!