Sports Competition News '17-'18

Leys Junior Sports Competition News - '17-'18


Autumn Term


Y5/6 Girls football

Team: 7 girls

The girls started off the competition season fantastically. They all represented the school really well and worked brilliantly as a team. They were motivated, determined and optimistic throughout all of their games and managed to get 4th place in the competition. One of the girls was talent scouted and offered a chance to try out for a local club- she went to the try out and got a place on their team!






Y5/6 Boys football

Team: 7 boys

The boys chosen for this competition are all very passionate about football and this showed itself in the work and effort they put into all of their matches. They faced some very tough competition, but they never stopped trying to win a match. Brilliant effort boys.






Y5/6 Sports hall athletics

Team: 6 girls and 6 boys

This team were amazing from the get go. They had trained hard for this competition and it really showed in their skill and stamina! They represented the school fantastically by cheering one and other on and congratulating other teams on their successes. They achieved 7th place overall out of fourteen schools and the boys managed to secure 1st place in hurdles and 1st place in speed bounce. An excellent competition!






Y3/4 Sports hall athletics

Team: 6 girls and 6 boys

This team were so motivated and determined that I knew they were going to be brilliant before the competition even started. They pushed themselves throughout, cheered one and other on and even helped each other up when they fell down! They worked incredibly hard and their efforts were rewarded with a fantastic placement- 5th out of fourteen schools. The boys won 1st place for the speed bounce and 1st place in the chest push and the girls won first place in the obstacle race. A very successful afternoon!





Y5/6 Elite Rugby

Team: 12 boys and girls

This was a tough competition for the children as it was their first time competing in the Elite Division. Although they had limited time together as a team, they faced some tough competition and held their own. They came 5th out of the 8th schools and showed great teamwork throughout.






Y3/4 Dodgeball competition

Team: 24 boys and girls


This was an excellent afternoon hosted at our very own school. The children were so motivated throughout the tournament and had lots of fun competing in front of a big audience. We had three teams competing and they placed 1st, 2nd and 4th. Very well done! 





Y3/4/5/6 Dance Showcase 

Team: 20 boys and girls


Several children from our school went to David Nieper Academy to perform at a dance showcase at the end of Autumn Term. The children worked really hard to learn and practise their routines and had a fantastic time performing as a group. Well done to all who participated.